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As a firm specializing in the resolution of distressed real estate assets, RER has successfully resolved over 1,000 non-performing commercial loans and real estate-owned projects with combined book values exceeding $2.1 billion. In addition, we have mitigated, through restructuring, foreclosure and liquidation, or bulk pool sales, over 15,000 residential assets. Our philosophy has always been to seek the resolution that serves the best interest of the asset – thus, the one that creates the greatest present value in the property. We have learned that a properly restructured debt, followed up with close and intensive monitoring, need never be revisited.

Frequently, our clients ask that we provide servicing of their performing loans under a variety of unique circumstances including recently restructured debt, distressed loans, loans requiring extensive rehab or property repositioning and loans being aggregated for securitization or bulk sale. Because we utilize servicing managers and legal staff highly seasoned in property operations and legal documents - managers that personally review operating information, funding releases and document revisions - we create a value not realized by larger wholesale operation servicing organizations. Our scope of services is tailored for each assignment. We do not ask you, the client, to fit your needs into our procedures. As a firm that provides servicing on a variety of off-the-shelf and customized software platforms developed by our internal IT programming staff, we are able to provide our clients with the specific information they require, in the manner they request. RER’s approach includes curing information gaps and inconsistencies in documentation, reconciling outstanding tax, loan servicing or accounting issues, responding to borrower questions and coordinating with other involved parties to ensure that comprehensive information is available.

Development of specialized asset plans is an extremely valuable service that can be provided to our clients as a stand alone item, or as a first step in the RER management/servicing process including: (i) property plans, (ii) business operating plans, (iii) loan workout plans with exit strategies, (iv) financing plans, (v) servicing plans, and (vi) loan collection plans. The plan formats developed by RER provide useful, timely information in easy-to-use forms, and guides to action, which are used as a basis for business decisions regarding the asset.

RER has developed a comprehensive and effective process for collecting upon non-consumer Federal government and private sector receivables, be they insurance or guarantee claims, unpaid loans, fines or general obligations. Armed with international and domestic collection contacts, specialized web-based search engines, skilled litigation staff and law firms, and a proprietary database designed to quickly present all pertinent information, our Recovery Managers are able to effectuate prompt and reasonable collections and payment plans. We have over a decade of experience in recovering on mortgage loans, commercial debt, insurance and guarantee claims, judgments, deficiencies, and charge-offs, for our clients and our own investment accounts.

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